Geothermal Energy Solutions in Houston

Houston Geothermal InstallationGeothermal energy is power that is absorbed from the Earth itself. Heat which emanates from the Earth’s core, at temperatures approaching 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit, is transmitted upward toward the earth’s surface. Since water which lies under the Earth’s surface is continually replaced, and the Earth’s core will generate heat almost indefinitely, geothermal power is a fantastic clean and renewable source of energy.Houston homeowners looking to go green and reduce their monthly energy bills can have Air Innovations LLC install a residential geothermal energy system.  A residential geothermal energy system in Houston will require a number of pipes to be installed very deep under the Earth’s surface, these pipes will be linked together to form an un-broken loop. The water which circulates in this loop is heated by the earth deep underground and then brought to the surface and into a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger then concentrates the energy and releases it inside the home as heat. In the hot Houston summers, the process is reversed to fill the home with geothermal-cooled air.